1. Luysita

    Medals for myself! BWHAHA

    1. PachaBucha

      We all know you love Pachabucha.

    2. I am awesome

      I am awesome

    3. Forever Single

      True Story!

  2. Sheriff Staff

    You are needed... -Sheriff Lucid

    1. Sheriff

      You are needed... -Sheriff Lucid

  3. Mafia Staff

    The MAFIA is powerfull!! - Charlie

    1. Mafia Leader

      The MAFIA is powerfull!! - Charlie

  4. Minecraft

    1. Top Voter

      Congratulations to the Top Voters!

    2. Easter Event Winner

      Congratulations on winning the 2016 Easter Event!

    3. 1 Year Award

      For all our users that stayed with us for a whole year! Thank you so much!

    4. 2 Year Award

      Award for users who stayed for 2 Years! Thank you for all your dedication!

  5. Helpers

    Medals awarded for dedicated people of NamelessCraft.

    1. ModPack Helper

      Thank you for your dedication and support to make the ModPack possible!

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